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The total solution engineering of SHINNIHON KOGYO CO., LTD. solves the problems you face by providing you with fresh ideas and advanced technological capabilities.

SHINNIHON KOGYO CO., LTD. has offered factory automation systems mainly for the automobile industry, and in diverse areas including semiconductors, flat panel displays, medical and pharmaceutical products and food. We have built comprehensive engineering processes that encompass from development and proposal to design, component processing, assembly, adjustment and verification, production start-up and maintenance. We offer the optimum solution for supporting our customers, as a total consulting manufacturer.

  • Total solution engineering to meet the customerís requirements
  • Solid backbone for supporting high quality, security and safety
  • Overseas network for reliably handling overseas procurement
  • Compatible with diverse industries from semiconductors to food and medical/pharmaceutical products

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We have an overseas network that can respond precisely and flexibly to the customersí demands on overseas procurement.

SHINNIHON KOGYO CO., LTD. has established overseas bases also, so as to respond flexibly to the customers' needs on overseas local procurement. We offer services at overseas locations also for design, component processing, assembly, adjustment and verification, as well as for production start-up. The services we offer are of the same quality as in Japan.
Our local engineers offer after-sales service and follow-up, wit the quality and service earning the loyal trust of our customers. We will continue striving to win greater trust with global business development in view.