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Shinnihon Philosophy

SHINNIHON KOGYO’s Action Guidelines Handbook

This handbook is a compilation of what points of view and what criteria we should have in performing everyday duties in order to realize our management philosophy.

Our attitudes to the customer - the first principle

We remain constantly grateful to the customer.
Bearing in mind that SHINNIHON KOGYO does not exist independently of its customers, we must always be grateful to them.
It is because our customers need us that we can earn our wages. They remunerate us for our work. And we cannot gain job satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment without the customer.
We tend to ignore our gratitude to the customer when we experience any difficulties or problems at work. Under difficult circumstances, it is particularly important to think that the customers have given us the opportunity for self-development and to accept the challenge of showing them gratitude.

Our attitude towards management

We shall create change on our own.
The circumstances that surround us are constantly changing. To sustain our business, it is important to swiftly respond to the change. However, at SHINNIHON KOGYO we go one step further by aiming to be a leading company that ushers in a new era.
Ushering in a new era means making an unprecedented effort or stepping into an unexplored field. It may yield unexpected challenges or failure. However, it is vital for us to open up new horizons with courage and a firm belief without being trapped by past experiences of success or conventions.
To meet this challenge, we need to continue our efforts with great aspiration and ambition until reaching success on the basis of the ideal state that we should attain for customers and consumers. By taking exactly this attitude, we will create our change on our own.

In performing everyday duties

We shall persevere until the end without giving up.
Considerable energy is required to persevere with something until it is complete. Under difficult conditions, we may become pessimistic and cease making any further efforts. If we give something up, it ends there and does not lead to the next step. We should make persistent efforts with a sense of mission and responsibility to take on a challenge with determination by any means as well as with a strong passion and commitment to accomplish the objective without giving up.
Whatever the task, we feel a great sense of accomplishment and confidence after carrying it through as a result of persistently working on it with all our efforts. And it will further stimulate us to take up the fresh challenge of reaching the next goal.
To finish a great job, it is important to make ourselves passionate about it and to carry it through to completion without giving in to despair.

To lead a wonderful life

We shall have a goal in life
To lead a wonderful life, it is imperative to have great ambitions and high spirits and to continuously strive towards achieving it. What is important in this context is the mindset or perspective behind setting the goals.
It is by no means an exaggeration to say that a person's life is entirely a function of his or her own mindset. It represents his or her thoughts, ideals, beliefs and orientation. People with an admirable mindset are always positive, cheerful, full of good intent and caring.
Of course, everyone is free to have their own mindset. But according to this freedom, their choice of mindset is a decisive factor in their life. This explains why it is important for us to have a goal of what we aspire to be like in life and to go through our own life on the basis of a good mindset.