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Serving Communities

SHINNIHON KOGYO conducts a broad array of social contribution activities to help build a rich society.

Harmony with the society and nature

To be a company that is kind to people, society and nature, SHINNIHON KOGYO's individual employees actively participate in community-based corporate citizenship activities, to fulfill their social responsibility as good citizens.

Communication with the communities is important to coexistence of the business and the public in the same society. For the purpose of building a peaceful community, we aspire to be a good company and good citizens. Based on the initiative and creativity of individual employees, we carry out volunteer activities and unique communication activities.


Community cleaning activities
We conduct community cleaning activities on a regular basis around our factory and around the railway station.
Support for volunteer activities
We offer information on volunteer activities to our employees to encourage them to take part. We have launched a new volunteer leave program to create an environment that encourages their participation in volunteer activities.
Blood donations on the company's premises
Blood donations take place on a regular basis at the head office.
Domestic and overseas relief activities
We have been conducting domestic and overseas relief activities, including fund-raising activities in the wake of the Niigata-ken Chuetsu-oki Earthquake in 2007 and periodic donation of unwanted clothing to developing nations.
Traffic safety activities
As an automobile-related manufacturer, we offer education to employees to raise their awareness and provide active support for local traffic safety activities to eliminate traffic accidents.
Support for child and youth development
We organize regular factory tours for elementary schoolchildren in our local areas to show them our business activities and environmental conservation activities. We also offer regular factory workshops for high school students.
SHINNIHON KOGYO runs an internship program.
SHINNIHON KOGYO has introduced the Japanese version of the dual education system for high school students.
A scene of community
cleaning activities