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SHINNIHON KOGYO has developed the Action Ethics Guide as a code of behavior for observing laws, social norms and etiquette as a member of the society and has vowed that every single employee will behave in accordance with it. Under this Action Ethics Guide, we will step up our internal control function and continuously enhance our system for deterring errors.

Action Ethics Guide

  1. Relationship with the society
    Compliance with laws and rules
    We will comply not only with instituted laws and regulations but also with the ethical and moral principles behind them and aim to take a sensible course of action as a corporate player and as a member of society.
    Environmental conservation
    We will work to reduce environment impacts and seek a balance with business efficiency. To help conserve the global environment and build a sustainable society, we will observe related legislation and various regulations.
    Social contribution
    We will engage in social contribution through business operations and voluntarily carry out social contribution activities and cultural, educational and other programs as a good corporate citizen as well as provide support for such activities and programs.
    Prohibition on involvement in antisocial acts
    We will take a resolute stance against antisocial activities and forces and have no relationship with them. We will conduct no act that encourages any activity by antisocial forces and groups.
    Security and export control
    We comply with the regulations stipulated by the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act and other related legislation and rules in Japan and overseas and ensure that we do not engage in any illicit export so that we can contribute to international peace and security.
    Donations and political contributions
    We will offer donations and political contributions in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations in full consideration of their necessity and appropriateness.
  2. Relations with customers, business partners and competitors
    Quality and safety of products and services
    We will comply with laws and regulations on product safety and with safety standards with the aim of ensuring customer satisfaction with the safety and quality of products and services.
    Antitrust compliance and fair trade
    We will commit ourselves to fair business activities with all parties in compliance with the Antimonopoly Act, the Subcontract Act and other related applicable legislation and regulations in Japan and overseas. When choosing business partners from among multiple operators, we will impartially compare and evaluate different conditions and later execute fair agreements with selected partners to conduct sincere and optimal transactions in accordance with social ethics.

Established in April 2007
Daishuke Goto
President and Representative Director