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Human Resource Development and Education/Training Programs

Training for new employees

We offer comprehensive training to new employees to help remove any concerns and participate in corporate activities.
Providing support in three phases: before entry, in the period from entry to assignment and after assignment, the program covers basic matters about our organization as well as basic business knowledge, to transform students into members of a business enterprise.

Training for managers

This program develops business leaders who have the ability to operate throughout the Company at a level expected of managers and who not only develop their own capacity but encourage their subordinates to do the same. The program is aimed at raising the capacity level of the Company.

Compliance training

To boost awareness of compliance among our employees, we offer them compliance training, irrespective of their job category or duties.
To enforce compliance with laws, regulations, rules and corporate ethics, we will constantly upgrade our training programs in terms of both frequency and content.

Self-development support program

We have a support system that covers reimburses employees for all or part the expenses outlaid for their development or to obtain qualifications, and we offer bonuses when employees successfully obtain a qualification. This program is designed to increase employees' motivation and the value of our human resources. It makes it easier for our employees to work on developing skills in their area of interest and helps them acquire the knowledge and experience they cannot derive from their daily work. The program provides us with diversity and new added value.

Job rotation

We actively rotate our people through different positions to facilitate skills improvement and to boost morale.
With the aim of bolstering our business and giving our people new opportunities to exhibit our capabilities, we perform in-depth interviews with staff who are rotating jobs to provide them with support.

Internal recruitment program

We will be launching an internal recruitment program with the aim of encouraging our employees to take up new challenges and to demonstrate that we value an independent mindset.
At the time of launching a new business, an overseas business, a priority business, or a new project, the relevant section files an application for this program. Any employee is entitled to apply for a position direct to the personnel section, and not through superiors in their workplace. Their applications are kept strictly confidential.
A documentary examination is followed by interviews performed by the recruitment section and the personnel section. After the screening, successful applicants receive reassignment orders from the personnel section.