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Serving Employees

SHINNIHON KOGYO values diversity and strives in various ways to help every single employee work with job satisfaction and pride.

SHINNIHON KOGYO Human Resources Policy

SHINNIHON KOGYO has set up its Human Resources Policy and is working to provide its employees with an environment where they can demonstrate their autonomy and creativity.

SHINNIHON KOGYO Basic Human Resources Policy

  1. We actively provide highly motivated employees who take the initiative in striving for innovation with opportunities to develop and to exhibit their abilities according to their respective duties.
  2. We respond favorably to employees who have a strong sense of responsibility for their duties, who demonstrate their abilities to the fullest extent and who attain the goals set with the aim of improving business performance to attain positive results. In this way we systematically cultivate outstanding and unique human resources.
  3. We strive to achieve a corporate culture where diversity, personality and the basic rights of individual employees are respected and where they can think independently to achieve self-realization by making optimum use of their abilities and creativity. We will conduct a fair appraisal of their work performance and abilities and respond to them appropriately to raise the competitiveness of our entire organization to the next level.
  4. Based on consideration for work-life harmony, we aim to provide amenity and affluence. In the interests of safety and health, we promote safety and hygiene activities on a daily basis as well as initiatives to improve physical and mental health.

Established April 2007
Daishuke Goto
President and Representative Director

Basic Human Resources Policy

Human Resource Development and Education/Training Programs

With the emphasis on human resource development, SHINNIHON KOGYO has introduced a broad array of education and training programs to cultivate the skills of individual employees.
We will ensure close consultations on career goals and orientation through interviews between superiors and subordinates to enable individual employees to have job satisfaction and to develop themselves in the course of their work.

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Creating an Easy-to-Work-in Environment

We strive to create an environment that allows every single employee to work enthusiastically according to their values and life plans.

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Fair Employment

We enforce a prohibition on any kind of discrimination and we fully respect basic rights in our employment and recruitment activities.

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Appraisal and Treatment

In every aspect of our corporate activities, we respect the basic rights of all those concerned in an effort to provide a working environment that is free of discrimination. To ensure that the personality of every employee is respected and that they are able to fully exhibit their autonomy and abilities, we adopt an impartial system for managing human resources. Backed by a target control program based on specific appraisal criteria and by semi-annual interviews with superiors, our personnel appraisals achieve a high degree of employee satisfaction.

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