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Serving Employees

Employee Appraisal and Treatment

Appraisal and Remuneration System

SHINNIHON KOGYO's remuneration system is designed to assess both work results and the underlying process for achieving them thereby eliminating any disparity in remuneration arising from differences in age, education, gender and other factors. We have also introduced a target control program to encourage every single employee to make a positive effort to meet the challenges of the goals and to perform their duties enthusiastically. There is close consultation between superiors and subordinates prior to setting goals. They serve not only to build up a sense of unity but also to stimulate internal communication.

Commitment to Equal Employment Opportunities for Men and Women

SHINNIHON KOGYO has developed a corporate culture where there is no perceived gender gap in employment or appraisals. In achieving equal employment opportunities for both sexes, we have completely abolished the wage disparity between male and female employees.

Employee Award Programs

SHINNIHON KOGYO has various award programs for the purposes of increasing employees' job satisfaction and pride and of creating a healthy corporate culture in which they respect each another and show mutual appreciation for their efforts and achievements. They help share successful activities and outcomes within the Group and heighten the motivation of the staff members.

President's Award
The President's Award is presented to employees and projects that have attained distinguished results. Individuals and groups that contribute to the growth of the Company are commended in front of all employees.
Award for Long-Term Service
The award for long-term service is presented to long-serving employees who have worked toward the prosperity and development of the Company. According to the length of service, each employee is given special paid leave as well as a encouragement bonus. These privileges are used in a meaningful manner.