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Serving Employees

Fair Employment

Employing Human Resources with Disabilities

SHINNIHON KOGYO strives to employ more human resources with disabilities to help them achieve social independence. We communicate closely with our employees with impairments at different workplaces to provide them with assistance to ensure that they can work in a comfortable atmosphere.

Employing Elderly Human Resources

SHINNIHON KOGYO has a retiree reemployment program that allows its employees with the skill and motivation to continue working after the retirement age of 60. We will continuously endeavor to expand the employment of elderly staff to actively leverage their wealth of experience and expertise.

Respect for Diversity

As a global business operator, SHINNIHON KOGYO employs human resources with different ethnic origins, cultural backgrounds and ways of thinking. We believe that the most important thing in securing corporate diversity is to create a working environment and corporate culture in which the personality of every employee is respected, understood and utilized.

Support for Female Human Resources

To help women play greater roles in the future, our management team engages in different activities, including interviews with female employees. Competent human resources are actively promoted to become executives, irrespective of gender.

Employment Trade Records

SHINNIHON KOGYO carries out its employment and recruitment activities in accordance with its human resource plan and its business plan. Announcements on our job opportunities are available directly from us, via our website and through job placement agencies.

The table below shows the number of our graduate recruits and mid-career recruits over the past three years.

Fiscal year 2007 2006 2005
New-graduate recruits 6 5 5
Mid-career recruits 4 2 1