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Environmental Management Promotion Framework

Today, it is increasingly necessary to undertake environmental efforts on a global scale to ensure compliance with Europe's RoHS Directive and with customers' environmental requirements. Given these circumstances, we have reviewed our environmental management promotion framework and set up the Safety, Health and Environment Committee.
In collaboration with the CSR Committee, the Safety, Health and Environment Committee works towards building up our environmental management system, pushing ahead with the environmentally considered design and facilitating the shift to hazardous substance free products.

Basic Environmental Policy

SHINNIHON KOGYO has adopted a Basic Environmental Policy. Embodying our stance and policy on environmental consideration, it provides for the course of environmental action to be taken by all employees in our Group.

Environmental Policy

[Environmental Philosophy]
SHINNIHON KOGYO will keep in mind the need to conserve the global environment and to contribute to society in all aspects of its corporate activities.
[Environmental Policy]
SHINNIHON KYOGO is aware of the importance of the global environment and will work to achieve continuous improvement in accordance with the following policy.
  1. We will be fully aware of the environmental impacts of our production activities, products and services and carry out the following key challenges in a bid to continuously improve the environment and prevent pollution.
    • 1) We will reduce waste and make effective use of limited resources by means of recycling and other activities.
    • 2) We will cut electricity, fuel and other energy consumption for lowering carbon dioxide emissions.
  2. We will comply with environmental laws and regulations and with other requirements by which we agree to abide.
  3. We will set environmental objectives and goals on the key challenges described above to stimulate efforts to cut environmental impacts. We will also perform a regular assessment and revise them at the time of the annual management review to ensure continuous improvement.
  4. This Environmental Policy will be documented, displayed at every section, adopted and maintained. We will ensure the full understanding and commitment of all employees and supplier representatives working on our premises. In addition, we will ask our suppliers for their understanding and cooperation.
  5. We will disclose this Environmental Policy to the public upon request.

Established in February 2007
Daishuke Goto
President and Representative Director


Environmental Education

Environmentally focused management and business activities cannot be maintained without building environmental awareness among all employees. SHINNIHON KOGYO offers extensive environmental education to ensure that all employees understand the Basic Environmental Policy instituted throughout the Company as well as environmental initiatives implemented at different sections.

As part of our training programs, we offer level-specific environmental education to new employees, general employees and other hierarchical levels and a course for developing internal auditors.

Laws and regulations relating to the environment

  1. Basic Law on the Environment
  2. Mie Prefectural Basic Ordinance on the Environment
  3. Mie Prefectural Ordinance on Environmental Conservation
  4. Enforcement Regulations for Mie Prefectural Ordinance on Environmental Conservation
  5. Kuwana City Basic Ordinance on the Environment
  6. Septic Tank Law
  7. Water Pollution Prevention Law
  8. Mie Prefectural Ordinances
  9. Chlorofluorocarbons Recovery and Destruction Law
  10. Automotive Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and Particulate Matter (PM) Law
  11. Basic Law for Promotion of the Formation of Recycling-Oriented Society
  12. Amended Recycling Law
  13. Law on Waste Disposal and Cleaning
  14. Home Electric Appliance Recycling Law
  15. Automobile Recycling Law
  16. Law on Special Measures for Promotion
    of Appropriate Treatment of Polychlorinated Biphenyl Waste
  17. Kuwana City Ordinance on Reduction and Appropriate Treatment of Waste
  18. Fire Service Law
  19. Kuwana City Ordinance on Fire Disaster Prevention
  20. Industrial Safety and Health Law
  21. Ordinance on the Prevention of Organic Solvent Poisoning
  22. Pneumoconiosis Law
  23. Ordinance on Prevention of Hazards Caused by Dust
  24. Noise Regulation Law
  25. Vibration Regulation Law
  26. Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) Law