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Serving Employees

Initiative to Build an Easy-to-Work Environment

Respect for Human Rights

Encouragement to use paid leave

In an effort to reduce employees' annual working hours, SHINNIHON KOGYO is striving to build a corporate environment and culture where it is easier to actively take paid leave.

Annual paid leave reserve Employees are allowed to reserve their unused annual paid leave up to forty days so that they can use it to receive treatment for non-occupational illness or injury or to take care of injured or ill family members.
Paid leave in half-day units Employees are able to use their annual paid leave in half-day units.
Refreshment leave Any employee with at least ten years of service is entitled to leave of five or more consecutive days.
Overtime reduction measures

SHINNIHON KOGYO has quite a few employees who work substantial overtime. It is a key management challenge to reduce overtime. In the future, we will strengthen inter-sectional ties and take effective action to address this problem.

Anti-sexual harassment measures

SHINNIHON KOGYO carries out education and awareness-building activities to bolster its measures to prevent sexual harassment and to deal with it appropriately. A special consultation team including female members has been launched within the Company. We will be striving to ensure that the consultation service is more accessible to those who need it and that it takes an appropriate response.

Leave for volunteer activities

We inform our employees of the many different volunteer activities available and encourage them to take part. We have launched a volunteer leave program to provide an environment that makes it easy for employees to volunteer.


Occupational Health and Safety

Regular health checks

SHINNIHON KOGYO performs a regular health check of all employees on an annual basis. We ensure that any employee aged 40 or older can receive complete medical checkups and other examinations. The Company covers the cost of their complete medical checkups.

Mental health care

In a changing industrial environment, a key imperative today is to avert physical and mental health problems caused by work-related stress. We encourage employees to conduct their own stress checks to gain insight into their own stress conditions. As part of our measures, we have launched a consultation service in partnership with an expert doctor.
In the future, we will be carrying out more careful activities to ensure early discovery and early treatment of mental health problems and stepping up our activities to prevent them.

Disaster management measures

It is important to be prepared for major earthquakes, fire and other major disasters. We conduct annual fire evacuation drills and anti-disaster drills in preparation for a major earthquake. We have distributed the Shinnihon Disaster Management Card to every single employee and advise them to carry it with them at all times. The card has certain information on it, including the Company's emergency contact address and the guide to using the Disaster Emergency Message Dial.


Support for Women

SHINNIHON KOGYO understands that creating a workplace where women can work actively is one of the key steps for bolstering the company's competitive edge in the future.
We have introduced many different childcare and family care support programs to help employees achieve a work-life balance and to support diverse styles of work for the generation of workers who are raising children.
In the future, we will continue to work towards

  • Childcare leave program
  • Family care leave
  • Short-hour service for childcare
  • Sick child care leave
  • And others



Fukuri Kosei Club

The Fukuri Kosei Club allows individual beneficiaries to use the points they accumulate to experience contentment or self-realization by choosing from among an extensive menu of options prepared in advance.

Recreational activities

We offer a wide range of opportunities for internal exchange and refreshment through golf, bowling and other recreational activities. In the future, we will invite more participants and expand the scope of activities.



Employee satisfaction survey (questionnaire to all employees)

To create a friendly working environment, we conduct annual employee satisfaction surveys. The survey results are analyzed and reviewed to determine action that potentially needs to be taken. The progress of the action is checked each year. Made available to all employees, the survey results serve as an important source of information for obtaining an objective insight into the circumstances of the Company.

Group newsletter - Shinnihon TOPICS

We publish a monthly internal newsletter entitled Shinnihon TOPICS to all employees working for SHINNIHON KOGYO. This is a medium for reporting what is happening at the Company today and for sharing the Group's values and future directions among all its members. Also featuring the employees of our Chinese subsidiary, it serves the objective of deepening mutual understanding.

Family tour

Employees' family members provide excellent support and cooperation. We will be organizing family tours of the office where our employees work on a daily basis for two objectives: first, to gain further understanding from family members and second, to strengthen family ties.