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Serving Suppliers

SHINNIHON KOGYO seeks to ensure fair transactions with all our suppliers and is stepping up its efforts in pursuit of coexistence and mutual development.

Fair Purchasing Activities

SHINNIHON KOGYO believes that it is vital to establish trade relationships with suppliers that lead to mutual growth. To build relationships of trust with suppliers and to foster closer communication with them, we have drawn up a basic purchasing policy to determine our fundamental stance and structure.
In the future, we will be continuing with close information exchange in a bid to achieve mutual development with our suppliers and to secure enhanced mutual trust with them.


SHINNIHON KOGYO's Purchasing Policy

Perceiving all our suppliers as good partners of SHINNIHON KOGYO, we believe that seeking to ensure fairness and sincerity in transactions is a prime requirement of our purchasing activities. We will fulfill our corporate responsibility in terms of management, environmental conservation and social contribution and conduct balanced purchasing activities to achieve sustainable development of the company, the society and the global environment.

  1. Compliance with legal and social norms
    When conducting our purchasing activities, we will behave as a good corporate citizen that complies with domestic and overseas laws, regulations and social norms jointly with our suppliers.
  2. Harmony with the global environment
    We will comply with laws and regulations relating to the environment, work to preferentially purchase products and materials that have less impact on the global environment and make concerted efforts with our suppliers to protect the environment.
  3. Equal opportunities
    In accordance with the principle of fairness and equal opportunity, we will always offer trading opportunities open to all parties based in Japan and abroad in a fair and honest manner and on an equal footing. Prior to commencing transactions, we will execute with suppliers a non-disclosure agreement to ensure that no confidential information of trade partners acquired in the course of purchasing operations is used for any purpose other than the transactions or divulged to any third party. If we are unable to agree to a transaction, we will be sure provide the reasons for refusal. We will sincerely respond to any company that seeks to do business with us.
  4. Partnerships
    For the purpose of building better partnerships, we will strive to achieve and maintain mutual development and mutual trust. To ensure continued transactions with excellent firms, we will perform a transparent and reasonable assessment on a regular basis.

Established in April 2007
Daishuke Goto
President and Representative Director


Basic Attitudes Expected from Suppliers

For the purpose of undertaking transactions, SHINNIHON KOGYO adheres to ethics, laws, regulations and their intent. We therefore request that our purchasing partners understand and cooperate in our CSR promotion activities.

  1. Corporate culture
    Respect for human rights
    Appropriate relationships with the public in the locality
    Safety and health
    Building of a sound working environment
    Proper relationship with politics
  2. Transparent corporate activities
    Strict maintenance of confidentiality
    Prohibition on bribery
    Compliance with laws, regulations and social norms
    Implementation of sound business management
    Proper purchasing transactions
  3. Environmental conservation
    Establishment of the environmental management system
    Encouragement of green procurement
  4. Improvement in technical capabilities
    Commitment to new technologies
    Efforts to shorten the delivery lead-time
    Quality, delivery schedules and stable supply
    Value analysis (VA) and value engineering (VE) activities

Established in April 2007
Daishuke Goto
President and Representative Director


Events and Exchange Meetings

Relationship building through regular exchange
We invite our suppliers to join our annual corporate golf competition and other events.
Quality control and guidance
We have set up a framework of cooperation to provide regular education, to distribute information concerning instances of nonconformity and to offer other forms of assistance.