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CSR Philosophy

SHINNIHON KOGYO's management philosophy describes four ideals, as follows:

  1. We aspire to be a company that helps all employees achieve happiness and that provides them with hope and quality of life.
  2. We aspire to be a company that contributes to the development of local communities and society.
  3. We aspire to be a company that approaches everything with sincerity to win the recognition and trust of customers.
  4. We aspire to be a company that maintains its ambition and achieves perpetual growth.

We have been carrying out business management on the basis of the Shinnihon Philosophy. It embodies the philosophy described above in the form of action guidelines and serves as a beacon to us whenever we face a difficult decision in everyday operations.
Based on the principle of what is virtuous or vicious to do, we have been dedicated to unselfishly serving society and the public.

CSR is by no means a new concept or value to us at SHINNIHON KOGYO. CSR means implementing our management philosophy and the Shinnihon Philosophy, which are at the heart of our business management. We believe that we will, by practicing the Shinnihon Philosophy, be able to build mutual trust with stakeholders, attain our own sustainable growth and contribute to the sound development of society.


Management Philosophy


Declaration of Corporate Behavior (CSR Declaration)

We realize that the execution of corporate social responsibility is the essence of corporate activities. We will not only comply with laws and regulations but also practice sincere and fair business activities based on high corporate ethics to proactively contribute to the global environment as well as to the sustainable development of local communities.

[Customer satisfaction]
We will work to obtain accurate information about the needs and to build up our technological capabilities in line with the customer-first principle.
We will respond to customers' voices in a sincere and swift manner to boost our future supply capacity and to improve our business operations.
We will be seriously aware of the social importance of protecting personal information and strictly enforce protection of customers' personal information.
[Respect for employee's human rights]
We will develop values of mutual trust and responsibility and respect the personality and dignity of individual employees to ensure that they can enjoy job satisfaction and quality of life through their work..
We will build an open-minded corporate culture that allows employees to achieve self-development and -realization by leveraging their skills and creativity.
We will work towards providing a safe, healthy and easy-to-work environment.
[Contribution to communities and the society]
We will engage in environmental conservation through business activities to seek development in harmony with the global environment.
We will encourage our employees to proactively participate in volunteer activities and actively work on social contribution activities.
We will disclose our corporate information in a timely and appropriate manner. We will also communicate more closely with local communities.
We will reject any relationship with antisocial forces to help maintain social order.
[Coexistence and mutual prosperity with suppliers]
We will respect our suppliers as key business partners and aim to achieve coexistence and mutual development based on reciprocal trust from a long-term perspective.
We will observe the Subcontract Law, the Antimonopoly Law and other laws and regulations as well as their intent to make fair and appropriate transactions in an environment sound and free competition.
[Compliance framework]
We will conduct transparent and sound corporate activities in compliance with laws, regulations and corporate ethics.
We will intensively offer educational and awareness building activities to insiders and outsiders alike to continuously upgrade our compliance framework and to prevent any misconduct.

Established in April 2007
Daishuke Goto
President and Representative Director