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Dalian GLOBAX Automated Machinery Co., Ltd., China

Photograph of the company building
The appearance of the company building
Photograph of the interior of the factory
Interior of the factory
Established November 1, 2002
  1. Development, design and manufacture of factory automation systems and automated equipment, and related consulting
  2. Robot engineering
  3. Precision component processing
Representative Hidehiko Ito
Location No.27-7-4# Liaoning Street,E&T Development Zone Dalian, China
Tel 0411-8765-6895 (main switchboard)
Fax 0411-8765-6897
E-mail d.l.shinto@online.ln.cn
Capital USD 760,000 (autonomous investment)
of employees
30 (as of June 2009)
Building area 2,400m2 (two buildings)


Main Products

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Main Equipment

Processing Technique Building Services
Equipment Maker Type Cutting Range (mm) Quantity
Vertical Machining Center Mitsubishi Electric V360 500x350x450 1
Vertical Machining Center MAZAK VTC-16C 1660x410x510 2
Vertical Milling Machine OKK MH-2V 700x250x300 3
Vertical Milling Machine ENSHU VF 700x240x410 2
Vertical Milling Machine Weihai Huadong
X6330A 690x370x290 2
Vertical Milling Machine Weihai Huadong
X6250 690x380x290 2
Horizontal Milling Machine Beijing First
Machine Tool
XA6132 700x230x370 1
Jig Borer Top-One Machinery TOM-4VHG 900x240x110 1
Jig Borer MAKINO BGIIJ-85 850x500x400 1
Flat-Surface Grinder Okamoto PSG-63AN 500x300x250 1
Flat-Surface Grinder Zhe-Siang Kent KGS-618H 150x300x120 1
Universal Grinder Weihai Huadong
MW1420 200x500x100 1
General-Purpose Lathe Okuma KN460X860G f460x1100 1
General-Purpose Lathe KOKAN KN460X860G f460x650 1
Radial Drilling Machine Teijin DMB-860-GD 1250 1
Erection Drilling Machine Yoshida Tekkou YUD-540 500 1
Bench Drilling Machine KIRA NRD-340 450 1
Bench Drilling Machine KIRA KRDG-420P 450 1
Sawing Machine Shanhai Henan G84230 300 1
Shaper Quingdao Shengjian Machinery Factory B6085 710x850x360 1
Wire Cut electric Electric Discharge Machine Jiangsu Taizhou DK7732 400x320x300 1
Quality Assurance Equipment
Equipment Maker Type Quantity
Three-Coordinate Measuring Instrument Brown&Sharpe GAGE2000 1