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SHINNIHON KOGYO CO., LTD. ("the Company") is strongly aware of the social importance of privacy protection, and endeavors to protect personal information pursuant to the following policies.

  1. Purposes for which personal information is used
    When the personal information is supplied to the Company, the Company specifies the purposes for which the personal information is used and notifies the person concerned or publicizes them. The Company then handles the personal information within the scope of the purposes of use.
  2. Management of personal information
    The Company endeavors to manage the personal information appropriately, by preventing inappropriate accesses to and loss of the personal information, a swell as tampering with, destruction of and divulgence of the personal information.
  3. Non-disclosure of personal information to third parties
    The Company does not disclose or provide to any third party the personal information supplied to us, except in the following cases.
    • 1) When the holder of the personal information has consented to disclosure or provision
    • 2) When the personal information is disclosed or provided to the Company's contractors and subsidiaries for providing services needed by the holder
    • 3) When disclosure is required under the laws and regulations
  4. Education to board members and employees
    The Company continuously implements education and training to ensure that its board members and employees understand the importance of personal information and handle it properly.
  5. Compliance with the laws and regulations
    The Company fully complies with the applicable laws, regulations and other rules when handling personal information.

Established: January 10, 2007
Daisuke Goto, President and Representative Director